Thomas Buckner

Thomas Buckner was born and raised in the Bible belt of East Tennessee, the son of business owners that were quick on their feet and solution-oriented with a southern belle flair.  Thomas’ father taught business-mindedness and work ethics, while his mother instilled confidence, honesty, and dignity — and with these values, nothing is out of reach when you work hard and do it all with charisma and a smile.  With a focus on luxury lifestyles and communities, Thomas truly has a reach into the most exclusive    high-end real estate in Las Vegas, a market segment requiring much perseverance and determination.

What makes Thomas one of a kind is that he cuts through high fashion and luxe to speak frankly and to the point, respectfully telling his clients what they need to know, as opposed to what they’d like to hear.  At the end of the day, getting to the reality of how you’re going to capture the most return on investment or squeeze the best deal out of a buy is what matters.  The market is moving quickly, and if you’re ready to adapt to changing trends, Thomas has you covered at every intersection and challenge.  After all, as Mamaw used to say, “closed mouths don’t get fed.”


Thomas Buckner


License number  S.0196063