Why haven’t you considered a brand new home instead of a resale?

As a Realtor, I ask this question to so many home buyers and the answers always seems to be an unjustified reservation.
I’ve broken down some of the top reasons why you should consider a new home purchase over a resale.


Have you been looking at homes and thinking to yourself, it’s perfect if only this one thing was changed? Maybe it’s that the bathroom didn’t have his and her sinks or that the den wasn’t enclosed to give you a private office space. Well, in new homes those things a Realtor might call “small projects” can be done for you and included in the price of the home which also means the bank can help with the financing of it. Weather it’s a changing the wall colors or including a floor option you can customize a new home to your exact wish list. You can also pick out one of the most sought after things in real estate, location. Builders will let you pick out a lot you want the home to built on, try doing that with a resale home.


Your carbon footprint is made up of your daily activities that involve things like driving a car, disposal of waste and energy consumption that all add to greenhouses gases. Buying a new home can help to reduce your carbon footprint by implementing ways to reduce energy consumption, water usage and waste. New homes are insulated better and have a tighter building seal, helping trap more heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, resulting in lower energy usage and bills. A new set of appliances helps to reduce the amount of energy and water used by homeowners. Builders have taken just the basics one step further by adding solar tiles to the roof and installing energy conserving thermostats, like the Nest, that learn your patterns of being home and away. LEED certified can save you money on taxes too. Low bills, high quality construction materials and a tax break? I’ll take it.


It’s freaking band new…Structurally speaking most builders offer a long term warranty and who doesn’t like knowing that if your roof springs a leak a year or two down the line you’re covered, If that isn’t enough to spark your interest, know that most builders even offer warranties on electrical and wiring. No one’s Uncle Bill has come over to rewire anything and everything has been done by someone licensed and insured. Better still you got new set of appliances that carry another warranty.


There is something to be said about being the first in line. When you are looking into new homes it is best to be one of the first in line to a community in an already established area. Typically speaking you are going to be buying for a whole lot less than those who wait until the community is nearly complete. By the time the community is standing you could be sitting on a nice but a equity.


Builders don’t have any emotional attachment to the home you are buying which usually means, with an experienced agent, you can get more out of them than an individual seller. A builder is a black and white, number driven entity and they want to make a deal. Builders also have a duty to keep the comparable sales high so as not to undervalue the community which means that your purchase price might look a little high on paper but the upgrades in features you negotiated, the HOA dues covered or the closing costs payed far out weight the price.


I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear someone ask for an “open concept” when looking for a resale home. Homes built in in the late 80-90s or before, just don’t have it. New homes offer the most modern of layouts to buyers and don’t require the headache of figuring out if you can knock down an existing wall not to mention reworking the entire flow of a home. New makes the most desired concepts easy to get!

Still not sure if buying new is going to benefit you? Call me to schedule a tour of one of the communities that interest you. I’ll show you both the new product and the resales surrounding it.